Hip Hop Lyrics and Rap Instrumentals

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting has existed since the early days of hip-hop in the 1970’s of New York City and is still going strong today, over four decades later. For a fee, ghostwriters write lyrics for customers, whether mainstream names or aspiring underground emcees. Ghostwriters are truly ghosts; they are invisible. Ghostwriters never leak their customers’ identities or take credit for their work.

Buy ghostwriten rap lyrics

dypublishing is for writers of poetry, raps, and all rogue literature heads inbetween. On this site we are encouraging aspiring writers to submit their 16 bar verses of poetry, so rappers can browse and select from the lyrics to use for their own songs.

Once you submit lyrics, via a linked-G-Doc (view access) they’ll be avaiable for rappers to pick from. You’ll help dypublishing cater for and develop a style that fits the personality of any rapper, while helping to put your stake in the music creation process of the next number one.

Rappers: Music is all about personality; let the roster of talented Hip Hop ghostwriters that submit lyrics to this site make the song you’ve always dreamed of crafting. Boasting professionalism and quality second to none in Hip Hop, let a ghostwritten verse take your music to the next level.

Music influences dypublishing promotes (to give you a falvour)

2pac, Jay-z, Eminem, Nas, Tyler the Creator, Drake and MF Doom.

Contribute your own lyrics

To contribute your own lyrics you need to supply access to a ‘view only’ Google Doc. We will post the document here under the ‘Ghostwriter’ section, and connect clients looking for lyrics with your verses. Please also supply three categories to define your lyrics: such as ‘Grime, Trap, Hardcore, Smooth, Romantic’, a BPM and cite a rapper as an example for your work. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.