A new future for Hip-hop publishing

dypublishing is a Hip hop label and rap publishing company based in Reading, UK.

We produce and promote the work of artists signed to the company. dypublishing’s focus is around Hip hop music, and we create ghostwritten rap verses as well as Hip hop instrumentals for aspiring rappers. Think of the imprint as combined music label and publishing house for the digital era.

dypublishing handles original content and its promotion thereafter. Distribution and artist management is handled externally.

The company was established by Dylan Yates in 2007 as a publishing rights holding company for his music and fiction.

Dream enabling.

The idea – the creative conceit for dypublishing – is built around one simple idea; the construction of words as a tool to empower. Language is the business of what dypublishing culivates, harvests, and reaps. We intend to use the power of language to enable the population to dream.

Contact: Use @dypublishing. Here’s the latest music from Life, a UK rapper.