Dylan Yates’ Short Fiction Blog

dypublishing is a blog for the short stories and fiction of the writer, Dylan Yates. Here you can find links to my short stories and blog posts that stretch as far back as November.

This iteration of the blog was started in 2013 as a dump for any ideas for music or stories. I was actually creating much of the content on the spur of the moment (often actually in the moment). Since the website’s conception I’ve broadened my scope, horizons, and all other proverbial forms of vision, removed a lot of the ‘looser’ content – trust me a lot of the weird stuff that remains is nothing compared to what was sloshing about here previously – and stripped out most of the music. My goals are for clean aesthetics, minial design, and fast-paced literature. I’m currently working on my first novel. This has been in the works for quite some time, though, so don’t hold your breath.

I also own and produce a website dedicated to hot new hip hop, and another dypublishing-branded website dedicated to my own brand of Hip hop, and ghostwriting in rap.

I live in Reading, Berkshire, UK, an SEO by day, and by night an artisan who treads the boards, crafts delicate raps, and works tirelessly on novella. Coffee is fuel that drives blood through my veins, all else is held without sacrosanctity.

Dylan Yates rapping
Rapping at the wedding of Ali Ba Ba (a big Freddie Mercury fan).

Contact: Use @dypublishing on twitter, or email me using info at hotnewhiphop.co.uk.

You can find more about dypublishing, the rapper here, a link to my short story collection, and a further link to merchandise. Enjoy.