North South Collide is back for a 6th instalment


The release of Josh’s book is on the horizon, and he discusses the artwork, the writing process, and hating Arial point 12. The World Cup is also discussed (this was recorded prior to) and England’s chances of glory discussed at length…oh no.

“You are the polar opposite of what I imagine the person playing me to be” – Josh on the casting for the adaptation of the book. Enjoy.


new music, video


i rap, crush
pictures and act tough
and every time i levitate
i drift across in the map just
writing this mess from off the level that’s
why my whole style’s
dedicated to hitting u from the level black
speak in the metal mesh
i dissolve a little flesh
so inside my brain is
feeling good but is settled less
i’m out here pillaging these sheets white
and i compose beats
nights, wonder if making it
makes me speak right
don’t underestimate my power my
shrugs inside the mirror’s
another way of the tower flying
imagine you can understand
the plan in my carriage
the undertaking in my hand
i asked her for marriage
watch sheets
and see the cloak slip, and watch geeks
wanna be someone you can
adore when i rock beats
my little cards a way of u showing
how u care for me
dribble it in a blue poem
my angel
maybe i gets large
over baguettes large
and who can stay
inside of something, protect hearts
i feel alive when i
am inside of your eyes and
if we reversed our places,
i get it, i won’t survive damn
head is flying space
lions pace
in garden edges smoke supplying bass
his bud is hurting me so my frying face
this friday feeling
makes the stares fix
inebriate prepared sticks,
i puff on the la-la later we there mix
the scene a movie
and its scared this
night might never resolve
inside of you make a blairwitch
belt is out a notch
my glass is full of the garish
sunrise is just visible
where plot’s r forming i there itch
inside of my mind
comprise violences and we scare kids
song slices through
cracked amp devices inside a bare ditch
my tears isnt salted
they’re memories and they fare with
warmth inside the spots that im talking
will u prepare this
i need desire like drug hold
inside of me hug folds
wanna hit u like a double pump…
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PODCAST: North South Collide Episode 1


Originally posted on Footballosophy:


With the last few weeks and months proving to be an almighty scrum to get the book over the finish line (T-minus 6 days), the blog has been a neglected child of mine.

To rectify this, I have called upon the help of a good friend  - Mr Dylan Yates.

Consequently, we have collaborated on a podcast. We are planning to ‘drop’ a pod each week in the lead up to the release of the book. All sorts of stuff is discussed from my time in Texas to Dylan going for job interviews with strange and eccentric French people. To cut a long story short, it’s the sort of inane drivel that you’d read on here – but now in a shiny, iTunes approved audible format.

Why is it called the North South Collide podcast? Well, I’m from the south of England. Dylan is from ooop’ North. It’s as simple…

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