North South Collide – Episode 15

Quite frankly this episode lacks pace, panache, and lucidity. Why even bother listening, I hear the braver amoungst you ask? If you’ll allow me to be perfectly truthful about things, I ponder the same point myself. In fact, I don’t think there’s a good answer.

The symmetrically appealing 30:30 duration that this episode clocks in at might be reason enough for you to give it a whirl. If you were to do so you’d be treated to the sort of nonsensical drivel regular listeners will now be accustomed to. Oh, and we have some new sound effects in this episode! Perhaps that is reason enough. The boys cover such topics as embarrassment, humiliation and getting older, and at one point even question the identity of their respective fathers.

“All you need to say is you’re ill, don’t you…I don’t think you need to start inventing deaths’ – Dylan on pulling ‘the sickie’.


North South Collide – Episode 14

Well, the BOOK is NOW OUT! – ‘Marooned in Aggieland: A Bumbling Brit Discovers College Football, Guns N’ Waffles’ is available to order through both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To celebrate, we’re back with another episode of pure nonsensical drivel.

“I’m not going to whip out a sewing kit and get this going” – Josh’s encounter with a ‘stupid trailing dress’.

Please, do your best with this one.

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North South Collide – Episode 13

Lucky episode 13 is here.

“…that is the end of the North South Collide” – a salty exchange about ‘mine sweeping’ nearly leads to the end of the podcast series when Josh threatens to walk out.

In further developments, Josh’s book now has a release date: 1st October 2014. That’s right, the fruits of a whole year’s labour will be available for you to dissect and disseminate in literary form from next week.

Get ready.



While reading my sister’s diary I found this:

Umberé keeps turning up unannounced. I think he’s been tinkering with the drink again. I tried to tell mum, in as organised a fashion as possible, but the woman just will not have it!

OK, so at times I can be a little unconventional with my directives but come on! Just reply to me and say;

‘Leave me alone Ella’ rather than hiding your head in the cupboard and whistling ‘bobby’s girl’ over and over.

Oh yeah, she really loves that dang song. Someone should tell her Bobby ain’t coming.

anyway… that’s just me paraphrasing. Here’s an old song: