tyler the creator dylan yates – The Tape Intro Remix

new music

tyler is one of my favourite rappers. this is one of his best songs.



tyler the creator

Nigga seventeen his own fucking magazine
And of course his Hunger Force is aqua teen by all means
Fuck a deal, signature is legible
I’m the reason why niggas is heatin’ up they vegetables
From being bullied in the sixth, to being dissed by any bitch
That can breath, please throw me in a ditch
And I hope I sell a copy of this disk
Fuck Hope, I am one short, a miracle of wish
Whether you nigga or ese, the magazine is great
Because the articles an essay
Half you dumb niggas can’t even write an essay
Cause all of ya’ll some stupid asses, S.A
You motherfuckers in denial
I’m the square just like the tile, right down the fucking isle
Music was my only friend, ever since I was a child
I make niggas frown, just to give myself a smile
Mother was my father, the nigga didn’t bother
To send a kid a dollar, my only role model was
Niggas that record and that could play keyboards
And wild piano chords make me happy
Dr. Suess more important than Jesus
Y’all immigrants to depression, Nigga give me a visa
We sick, the same lames that sneeze us
Made us turn to Jazz now, because the black kids would tease us
I need a fucking chain, I need to make it rain
I need some fucking rims, A car that I can rent
A verse about swag, jeans sagging off my ass
No I don’t, fuck that, I am not a fucking fag
I run and I’m still scared of guns
In the marching band but I bang my own drums and
Sing my own song, all of my wrongs are right
Never got into a fight, hit me
Bass, drum, snare let it go
Disappear like good music in the past year
And everybody do the same thing, I hear the same shit
All the time, like the radio is queer
This isn’t a mixtape, it’s more of ear rape
By kids who think you other niggas suck
It’s very offensive, you niggas defensive
If you can’t take the heat then get the fuck out the kitchen, listen

dylan yates

Im me and they
Are them whoever they are plus
Moving over raps
Let the bars up. Im nervous

thru ur garden
Sneak can my hands cope
Dypublishing is my company
Is it planned? Nope

know that im right
So i stay im
passioned by the gates where i meet u why wont u say things

From work pick
you up then we touch each
Into my bed where i keep u
I want the rush deep

I travel trains then i stay in there cigarette coffee and
Dialogue over greyer hair

needing quarters to travel
In my battle unravel
hope that I’m thought of by u
Hope that i matter

I travel east on the Hammersmith
Paddington bound
To reading meet
What is happening now

starting out scared
Cuz im asking you loud
Do u wanna be my boyfriend
The reply’s no

Im drinking vodka my the litre tryna angle my speaker making the music thump my chest hard, for señorita

Repeating errors of the past hard
Shatter the glass bar
Making eyes blurry and wander towards the kasbah

My dilemma: to be good and not tremor
Or do the things my daddy said dont is the problema

Get inspiration in waves
Im feeling constantly brave
4 u to knock it all back
With just a hand wave

I hit the microphone
Demand rage
Leaked thru the millimetre mixture adrenaline shooting up in my hand raised

When will i learn?
what did i tell u
to making errors im committed
Cuz im searching for virtue. My ange

I call u sweetly your alive sleep
I wanna stare at ur body till we arrive deep. I love

So in the passion hope im guided well
I wanna use my power make you sigh at will. Is fire

u think its funny and il laugh
is in my trash settings,
im getting out of here
in the last betting

different women hug
They spend what im giving up
Move away
to ldn partying probably thinking of

You. Why
my name is DY cuz
my poems are posters
Explaining whatever might bust

dont give a monkeys
Stick to u like dust
Hit u with
the 16 barros remaining liked just

I swear this
Life is a right bust
Cuz women who stare at me
Often r in disguises

Without vetting me
The new house are letting me
Move in here
Hope these ppl wont be regretting me now

External activities
Creep round
like im johny gutter
But im johnny blaze sound

Doggies mutter
keep on its lead fell
Each spell
That i created is in complete hell

North South Collide – Episode 7


North South Collide is back with another episode. Amongst other things, Josh quizzes Dylan on his knowledge of NFL teams, and recounts an amusing tale on his hunt for gainful employment in which ‘Jean Pierre’ is unveiled to the world. It’s a cracker.

Josh: “You’re not my Dad, thankfully.”






North South Collide is back for a 6th instalment


The release of Josh’s book is on the horizon, and he discusses the artwork, the writing process, and hating Arial point 12. The World Cup is also discussed (this was recorded prior to) and England’s chances of glory discussed at length…oh no.

“You are the polar opposite of what I imagine the person playing me to be” – Josh on the casting for the adaptation of the book. Enjoy.



new music, video


i rap, crush
pictures and act tough
and every time i levitate
i drift across in the map just
writing this mess from off the level that’s
why my whole style’s
dedicated to hitting u from the level black
speak in the metal mesh
i dissolve a little flesh
so inside my brain is
feeling good but is settled less
i’m out here pillaging these sheets white
and i compose beats
nights, wonder if making it
makes me speak right
don’t underestimate my power my
shrugs inside the mirror’s
another way of the tower flying
imagine you can understand
the plan in my carriage
the undertaking in my hand
i asked her for marriage
watch sheets
and see the cloak slip, and watch geeks
wanna be someone you can
adore when i rock beats
my little cards a way of u showing
how u care for me
dribble it in a blue poem
my angel
maybe i gets large
over baguettes large
and who can stay
inside of something, protect hearts
i feel alive when i
am inside of your eyes and
if we reversed our places,
i get it, i won’t survive damn
head is flying space
lions pace
in garden edges smoke supplying bass
his bud is hurting me so my frying face
this friday feeling
makes the stares fix
inebriate prepared sticks,
i puff on the la-la later we there mix
the scene a movie
and its scared this
night might never resolve
inside of you make a blairwitch
belt is out a notch
my glass is full of the garish
sunrise is just visible
where plot’s r forming i there itch
inside of my mind
comprise violences and we scare kids
song slices through
cracked amp devices inside a bare ditch
my tears isnt salted
they’re memories and they fare with
warmth inside the spots that im talking
will u prepare this
i need desire like drug hold
inside of me hug folds
wanna hit u like a double pump…